DevFest Limbe 2020

Its DevFest season ance again. GDG Limbe is ready to take Web Development to the Next Level. We have a featured D&I Session with WTM Limbe, Games, and more.

Nov 28, 2020, 9:00 – 11:51 AM


Key Themes

Enterprise/Business SolutionsInclusionMobileWeb

About this event

DevFest Limbe will be focused mainly on Web Development from its very basics. We would have a recap session on the Global DevFest event and an intense D&I session in partnership with  WTM Limbe. 

Participants are encouraged to use their laptops and mobile devices to go along the sessions.

Feedback will be required from each participant towards the end of the event.


  • Elcid Chawa

    GDG Limbe

    Community Lead/Manager


  • Elcid Chawa

    GDG Limbe

    Community Manager


  • Elcid Chawa

    GDG Limbe

    Community Manager


The Bros Enterprise logo

The Bros Enterprise

Zixtech Coorperation logo

Zixtech Coorperation


  • Elcid Chawa

    Chawex Tech

    GDG Organizer

  • Ida Nkouadjo

    Chawex Tech

    Digital Marketer | Event Organizer

  • Paul Mbua

    Zixtech HUB


  • Ange Taffo

    WTM Ambassador

    WTM Ambassador of Limbe

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