Flutter Forward Extended

GDG Les Rosiers
Tue, Feb 28, 9:00 PM (CET)

5 RSVP'ed

Flutter Forward is a community-led event series that brings together Flutter developers and enthusiasts to share knowledge and experiences. The "Flutter Forward Extended" event is an extension of the regular Flutter Forward event, where attendees can continue to learn and engage with the Flutter community through virtual sessions and online interactions. It typically focuses on showcasing new deve

About this event

The Flutter Forward Extended event is a virtual gathering for Flutter developers and enthusiasts to share knowledge and experiences, learn about new developments, and connect with the Flutter community. The event features interactive sessions led by expert speakers, as well as opportunities for networking, knowledge-sharing, and skill-building. Participants will have the chance to hear about real-world use cases for Flutter, best practices, and innovative approaches to building mobile and web applications with Flutter. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Flutter developer, this event is an excellent opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with the wider Flutter community