Google I/O 2017 報告会 関西会場 (Recap Google I/O in Kansai)

GDG Kyoto
Sat, Jun 10, 2017, 1:30 PM (JST)

About this event

We're going to have a event of Recup Google I/O in this year!
If you are international people, please contact us!


In this event, we will connect other GDGs in Japan. Speakers of Local and local graduates in Kansai and a Google Developer Engineer.


Date: June 10th 13:05 - 18:00 

Registration time: 12:40 - 13:05

Vanue: Kinki University #38 2F 7th and 8th information processing training room

• Organeizers: GDG Kyoto, GDG Kobe, Kinki Univercity Computer Stody Group

• maximum capacity:100

• Conference room:Kinki Univercity



• Masahiro Adachi (GDE)

• Keiji Ariyama

• Hiroaki Ogino

• Takuya Kubota

• Listening to English sessions the first time and introducing activities of Global Women Techmakers (temporary): Rie Kanetaka

• Kinki Univercity Computer Stody Group


In application of this event, you need access the following URL.


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