Recognize text in images with ML kit for Firebase

GDG Kraków
Tue, Nov 6, 2018, 6:00 PM (CET)

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One *workshop* this time:

Recognize text in images with ML kit for Firebase.

Jeff Huleatt
Jeff is a Developer Advocate for Firebase at Google. He’s excited about helping app developers make cool stuff (whether that’s on web, Android, or iOS). For the past two years, Jeff has helped run Firebase support, so if you have questions about any Firebase product, this is your chance to ask! Prior to Google, he was a software engineer working mostly on JavaScript web apps for financial institutions. Jeff has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Applied Sciences in Engineering from Rutgers University.

During this meetup, you will learn how to use ML Kit for Firebase to easily add advanced machine learning capabilities to your app. It's a great opportunity to ask Jeff questions about Firebase and give direct feedback about Firebase products too!

You will learn how to:
• How to add ML Kit for Firebase to your Android app
• How to use on-device text recognition in ML Kit to find text in images
• How to use cloud text recognition in ML Kit to enable more advanced use cases, such as recognition of non-Latin alphabet
• When it is appropriate to use on-device vs cloud text recognition