Kotlin/Everywhere Android Tech Talks #26

GDG Kraków
Mon, Jun 24, 2019, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Hi geeks,

Let's meet again. Two amazing presentations, a fridge full of your favorite beverage and tons of pizzas. Sounds awesome, right? It can be even more awesome with such great speakers like Chet Haase and Wojtek Kaliciński!

We will start getting knowledge about Kotlin and how it works under the hood. Internals!

Chet Haase
Chet is an advocate on the Android Developer Relations team. His son said that 'advocate' makes the job sound like The Lorax, which is about right. He speaks for the geeks.

Kotlin Under the Hood: Understand the Internals

Kotlin offers great, modern language features and a rich set of extensions. But it's not always obvious to the developer what's happening under the hood. This session will help you understand better what these features and extensions are doing internally. It will also show how you can use the tools that Android offers to find this kind of information on your own.

After that we will have short break for networking. During second session Wojtek will tell us about Kotlin Multiplatform. Candy!

Wojtek Kalicinski
I am a Developer Advocate at Google and I work primarily to support developers in building great apps using Android Studio and Kotlin, as well as teach about new Framework and Play features. I enjoy looking for ways to make apps more usable, mostly through better development patterns and code optimizations.

Kotlin Multiplatform: code sharing without compromise

The promise of cross-platform frameworks looks great on paper, and some of them do a pretty good job delivering actual results. But with inherent differences between platforms, is "build once, run anywhere" even worth pursuing? Learn how you can share parts of your app between mobile platforms (and even the web!) without compromising quality, and delivering a best in class Android experience. During this talk I'll explain some ideas on how to structure not only your code, but also your teams, I'll show how to implement your own Kotlin MP libraries and showcase a few ones that you can use out-of-the-box.

See you there!