Android Tech Talks #30

GDG Kraków
Thu, Feb 27, 2020, 7:00 PM (CET)

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Hi geeks,

Let's meet again. Amazing presentations, lightning talks, a fridge full of your favorite beverage and tons of pizzas. Sounds awesome, right?

Szymon Nitecki | Senior Android Developer & Team Leader @ Netguru

Szymon is in mobile for a few years, mostly in Android development, but also experimenting with Flutter. In his spare time he likes DIY.

See the world through painter’s eyes - the story of augmented reality app powered by machine learning.

AR & ML are nowadays buzz words, but is it easy to use those technologies in mobile? I want to show how to create AR portal that transforms images from camera into small pieces of art in realtime. I'll explain some implementation details of the app in ARCore & tensorflow. The presentation will be also about the challenges that we encountered during the development.


Piotr Ślesarew | Senior Android Developer @ Babylon Health

Professional and ambitious dreamer. Android developer by day, GDG organiser by night.

MVI hidden superpowers

There are many architectural patterns. They are all great when used properly, but none of them is "The One and Only". In this talk I would like to share with you how I got inspired by MVI hidden superpowers and what kind of benefits you can get by implementing Unidirectional Data Flow.

See you there!