Android Tech Talks #29

GDG Kraków
Thu, Jan 30, 2020, 7:00 PM (CET)

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Hi geeks,

Let's meet again. Amazing presentations, lightning talks, a fridge full of your favorite beverage and tons of pizzas. Sounds awesome, right?

Adam Styrc | Senior Android Engineer @ Vattenfall

I'm actively looking for new solutions, clear architecture and better testing. In my spare time, I started to write a programming blog at Seven years of developing Android apps, Kotlin enthusiast, also coding in Flutter tech. Lately working for an energy company Vattenfall, supplying EV charging across Europe.

Multi-module project and hexagonal architecture.

Hexagonal architecture from Alistair Cockburn got popular in server applications world nowadays. It has evangelists from R. C. Martin, Jakub Nabrdalik and many many other Java programmers.
In this diverse world of dynamic features, architecture approaches, and frameworks recommendations, I'll give a talk on how I divided my monolith into modules and what gold shined at the end of that journey 🙂


Rafał Adamek | Android Developer @ Schibsted

Android Developer with 4 years of experience, part of the Schibsted family since late 2017. Loves to discuss software architecture, thinks about it and constantly refactors stuff. Supporter of open source movement and a big fan of everything that is FOSS. Penguin is his spirit animal.

Multi-module projects with Dagger2

We will dive into more advanced stuff in Dagger2 and organize it in a multimodule setup. We'll talk about component dependencies, subcomponents, optional bindings and more - all in the scope of properly configuring our library modules to create a scalable app.


Dominik Barwacz | Senior Software Engineer @ Azimo

Something went wrong, what now?

Let's face it, we focus most of energy and time on happiest flows possible. Have you looked at user experience when they encounter problems?
I'll share our code generation tool that automates error handling, making users better informed. It can also give you better insight by reporting encountered problems to analytics.

See you there!