Android Tech Talks #24

GDG Kraków
Thu, Mar 14, 2019, 7:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Hi geeks,

Let's meet again. Two presentations, lightning talks, fridge full of your favourite beverage and tons of pizzas. Sounds awesome, right?

We will start getting knowledge about Kotlin Detekt and how to create custom plugins tailored to your own needs.

Jarosław Michalik
Android developer for about 3 years. Works on IoT and telemedicine projects. In the meantime he supports students developer group on AGH and plays volleyball as a right side hitter.

Nasty words and how to Detekt them.

Let any one of you who never put swears in code be the first to throw a stone. Those ugly words may make a mess if they won't be removed before merge. What if user sees some of them?
I will present the story of how swearwords were added to our codebase and case study about finding solution to limit them.
You will learn about creating Detekt plugin and you will see possible options to integrate automated language checks into your development process.

After that Michał will take the stage and show you insights from production application written using React Native!

Michał Czernek
After working on multiple native Android applications in Motorola Solutions, Boostcom and DreamLab, I turned into React Native world. Already released first production application in RN, currently helping develop in Software Mansion.

First impressions and second thoughts after releasing React Native app.

At the end of last year, our team at DreamLab finished working on brand new mobile application. It was created for both Android and iOS with React Native framework. I'll be sharing what we've learned along the way, what are our thoughts on this technology and how it performs with real users. Both experienced React Native users and those, who barely know what's that should find something for themselves.

** Lightning talks

Jakub Tlałka
Just a regular developer :).

Are we ready for Gradle Kotlin DSL?

I would like to present Kotlin DSL as a potential replacement for Groovy build scripts. Let's briefly analyse what we can get from Kotlin and how to play with various Gradle Plugins.

See you there!