Android Tech Talks #23

GDG Kraków
Wed, Dec 12, 2018, 7:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Hey there,

Let's meet again. Two presentations so far, but C4P is still open - let us know if you would like to speak.

We will start getting Smali knowledge about Kotlin Coroutines and how do they work under the hood.

Aleksander Piotrowski
Father of two beautiful chihuahuas, Android dev in free time.

How do coroutines REALLY work underneath.

In my presentation we will look under the hood of coroutines to see how they are implemented. We will see what magic is being used by coroutines (if any).

After that our local Android GDE will demystify Android memory management!

Mateusz Herych
Android Tech Lead at IG, GDE for Android, father of twins and an avid fan of rail transportation

Android memory management - how, when and why does Android decide to kill your app.

Android is often ruthless towards our apps. As soon as the user puts them in the background, we suddenly join the list of apps to kill. While we all know about this, making sure our code supports post-process death resurrection isn't a trivial task. Attend this talk to learn: - Best practices for handling process death - Myth of Don't Keep Activities - What Android handles for you for free - ... and what it doesn't. - How to rebuild the state of your application-scoped/staticly-kept app components - and how to properly test it

As always, pizza & beer/drinks are included.

See you there!