Android Tech Talks #22

GDG Kraków
Wed, Nov 14, 2018, 7:00 PM (CET)

About this event

The next Android Tech Talks meetup is here!

*This time we make an exception, and one presentation will be in polish language*

Two presentations this time:

We will start getting some knowledge about bad APIs and how to deal with it and stay sane.

Jerzy Chałupski
Mobile developer since ancient pre-Android times, currently thinking big about Android development at IG. Kotlin aficionado, occasional blogger, bookworm. In his free time enjoys nerdy games with some coding elements.

How to deal with bad APIs?

Designing a good API is *hard*, probably harder than most people, including API designers, realise. It means, there's a very good chance you either had to work with a bad API already, or you will work with one in the near future.

In this talk I'll show a few common issues with bad APIs and show how to deal with it and stay sane.


After that we will have a chance to hear real life tips about having your own apps in Google Play!

Bruno Wieczorek
Android Developer z zawodu, student Informatyki z konieczności, organizator Toast Android meetup z pasji, imprezowicz z powołania.

Wydawanie i prowadzenie własnych aplikacji - historie z szarej strefy

Podczas prezentacji podzielę się kulisami prowadzenia dość dużych aplikacji w Google Play. Będzie o polskim rynku, ASO, użytkownikach, monetyzacji, banach i zawieszeniach.

See you soon Geeks!