Android Tech Talks #19

GDG Kraków
Thu, Apr 12, 2018, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

The next Android Tech Talks meetup is here!

Three presentations this time:

We will start getting some knowledge about TensorFlow.

Mateusz Budzar
Android Developer for over 4 years living in Wroclaw. He works at Droids On Roids on a daily basis. Enthusiast of clean code, speaker, blogger, co-organizer of GDG Wrocław and TOAST - Android Developers Meetup, basketball amateur, karateka, bookworm. Recently, he became very interested in the subject of Machine Learning and is developing in this direction. From tomorrow, he intends to eat healthy. His motto is "Hop, hop, buf, buf and act.

TensorFlow - Hot or not?

During the presentation, we'll learn how to use the TensorFlow library on Android. We will discuss the whole code on the example of the ‘Hot or not’ app. The app itself is pretty simple - we’re taking a picture and the app tells us if it’s hot or not. We will explain what the classifier is, how it was created, and how to create our own without creating it completely from scratch. We will also learn how to optimize our classifier to better suit the needs of mobile applications. After this presentation you’ll be able to create your own app with the use of TensorFlow.

After that we will have a chance to see some raw knowledge about building big apps from small apps in Android!

Mateusz Herych + Jakub Białkowski
Mateusz and Kuba work at IG, where they are leading two of IG's Android teams.

Our app was built over 7 years, by dozens of different developers across 3 different countries. Countless amount of features and fast pace over time did put us in a situation where our app was a giant monolithic monster, where changes are risky and even incremental compilation took like ages. This year however, by trying to accomplish a challenge of forking our main codebase into 3 different trading platforms, we managed to split it down into the feature-scoped modules, that are reusable across different end-user products that we maintain.

Android LEGO - building big apps from small apps

Hey Android dev out there! Ever found yourself in a situation when your app is a giant monolith project, where everything is coupled together, changes are risky and the incremental build takes ages? Yeah, so did we. Let us tell you how we solved this problem at IG.

Last but not least!

Jarosław Michalik
Android developer for about 2 years. Works on IoT and telemedicine projects. In the meantime he supports students developer group on AGH and plays volleyball as a right side hitter.

Effective testing with Spek

I will share some thoughts about Spek - JVM specification framework. Don't Repeat Yourself principle applies to your test codebase too - I will show some examples and discuss how writing specifications improves your developer experience.

See you soon Geeks!