Android Tech Talks #18

GDG Kraków
Thu, Mar 15, 2018, 7:00 PM (CET)

About this event

The next Android Tech Talks meetup is here!

Three presentations this time:

We will start getting some knowledge about Gherkin.

Michał Bogus
I work for the company called FarmaProm. I have been Android Developer for 3 years now. I have participated in almost 15 projects with many different methodologies, aproaches and range of target in terms of users (hundreds to millions daily users). For now I am trying to develop my own library for BDD testing.

Gherkin - great way to do UI test

This presentation will be all about Gherkin language and BDD, what it is, how to use it, how Gherkin can help us to develop very safe and user-friendly applications just by cresting good UI/UX.

After that we will have a chance to see some raw knowledge about Rx!

Dmitry Saviuk and Łukasz Matysik
Android guys from the IG.

How 2 Rx

Dealing with async code in (really) reactive way - how to use RxJava and not hurt yourself.
Summary of what we have learned during last 2 years of development.

Last but not least!

Grzegorz Wikiera and Piotr Ślesarew
Mobile guys from the GP core team.

DSL like a boss

Building UI testing approach can be tough. During the presentation, we would like to share our experience with building a common solution for both Android and iOS platforms. Real case studies, solutions, and code samples. Hope you will enjoy it!

See you soon Geeks!