Kigali DevFest 2019

GDG Kigali
Sat, Oct 19, 2019, 9:00 AM (CAT)

About this event

DevFest (Developer Festivals) events cover multiple product areas such as Android, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, Google Assistant, Flutter, machine learning with TensorFlow, and Mobile Web. The events are aimed to bring the community together to learn, develop technological solutions and share knowledge.

Note: Apart from the event giveaways, all attendees will be provided with:
1. RFTC Buses as transport means from
- Kimironko at 8:00 am
- Kigali Heights at 8:00 am
- DownTown (Town) at 8:00 am
to the venue(Carnegie Mellon University Africa).

2. And from the site back to Remera(Bus Stop) at 5:30 pm

On this note, please keep in mind that you delay, you're left behind!

Looking forward to an amazing DevFest 2019!