Post I/O Tour '18 - Kharkiv

GDG Kharkiv-Center
Sat, Jul 21, 2018, 1:00 PM (EEST)

About this event

Topic: I/O’18 — Самміт, Хеннессі та всі-всі-всі:
Most important at the Google I/O 2018
1. Main event of the conference
2. Main forecast of the conference
3. The main change in Google

Speaker: Volodymyr Ivanov, GDG Kyiv-Center founder and co-coordinator, Central and East Ukraine GDGroups Mentor. Main interests: community management, the future of computing

Topic: What’s new in Google Cloud and Firebase
Let’s talk about what's new in GCP and Firebase was announced at Google I/O 2018, and also pinpoint some well-known best practices of cost optimizations for Google Cloud.

Speaker: Constantine Mars, GDG Kyiv-Center, Lead Software Engineer @ EPAM Systems. Founder of Mobile Architecture Club. Fan of cloud architectures, functional reactive programming and wearables.

Topic: Unreal Technologies
We’ll talk about all Google’s achievements in AR (and a little bit in VR) field, especially about those had been announced on Google I/O. The target audience is mobile game developers, just because AR is strongly associated with gamedev, but must be interesting for anybody, who likes playing games.

Speaker: Oksana Savenko, GDG Kremenchuk, Co-org of GDG and WTM chapters in Kremenchuk, current student in biomedical systems engineering. Curious about AR/VR techs, AI and Bionics, Sci-Fi fan.

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