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GDG Kandahar

This is the first introductory sessions for all students and members, join us for exploring Google Developer Group, Kandahar Chapter. Connect with like-minded individuals, fellow students, and professionals passionate about technology.

Feb 4, 4:30 – 10:30 AM

120 RSVP'd

Key Themes

AIAndroidCareer DevelopmentFlutterGoogle WorkspaceMobileWeb

About this event

Google Developer Group (GDG)

Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are for developers who are interested in Google's developer technology; everything from the Android, Chrome, Drive, and Google Cloud platforms, to product APIs like the Cast API, Maps API, and YouTube API.

A GDG can take many forms -- from just a few people getting together to watch our latest video, to large gatherings with demos and tech talks, to events like code sprints and hackathons. However, at the core, GDGs are focused on developers and technical content, and the core audience should be developers.

Are you ready? 

To embark on a journey into the exciting world of technology? 

Join us for the inaugural event of the Google Developer Group (GDG) Kandahar, where innovation meets community!

Discover the mission and vision of GDG Kandahar and how you can be part of a thriving tech community.

Meet our organizers and learn about the exciting opportunities and events lined up for you.

Dive into insightful discussions on the latest trends, tools, and technologies led by industry experts.

Connect with like-minded individuals, fellow students, and professionals passionate about technology.

Get a sneak peek into upcoming GDG Kandahar events, workshops, and collaborative projects.

Who Can Attend?

1) Students passionate about technology

2) Computer Science & Engineering Students

3) Developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts

4) Professionals looking to network and stay updated

5) Anyone curious about the ever-evolving tech landscape

How to Join:

RSVP now to secure your spot at this not-to-be-missed event! Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting your tech journey, GDG Kandahar welcomes all 



Sunday, February 4, 2024
4:30 AM – 10:30 AM UTC


5:30 AMOpening Remarks
6:00 AMCoding Challenge
6:15 AMTrends and Innovations
6:45 AMMobile Apps and Web
7:15 AMTechnology and Entrepreneurship
7:45 AMCareer Development in Tech


  • Wakil Ahmad Hamidi

    Afghan TechSoft

  • Askar Aituov


    Developer Relations Coordinator

  • Faizullah Hamdard

    Kandahar University


  • Sayed Ahmad Sahim


    Senior Developer

  • Shahghasi Adil


    Senior Software Engineer


  • Faculty of Computer Science Science

    Kandahar University



  • Wakil Ahmad Hamidi

    University of Lucknow

    GDG Organizer

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