Learn Concurrency Models in Python and Kotlin for Android Development

GDG Kampala
Tue, Jul 25, 2017, 5:30 PM (EAT)

About this event

Join us at Outbox on 25th July 2017 from 5:30 pm and listen to experienced developers in Web and Mobile Applications, from Andela and SafeBoda. Register here to attend [Free].

[Session 1]

Concurrency Models in Python

In sesson one, we shall look at Python Concurrency; Python approaches to concurrency, use cases that benefit from concurrency and common pitfalls.

Who will benefit?
This session will benefit Python developers and enthusiasts interested in ways to improve performance of backend applications.

Understand what options are available in Python to implement concurrency and in which cases to employ different options.

Python knowledge (intermediate or higher).

[Session 2]

Kotlin For Android Development

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language for the JVM, Android, the browser and *native.
Developed by Jetbrains, officially supported for Android Development and it’s 100%
interoperable with Java.

For Android developers, Kotlin support is a chance to use a modern and powerful language, helping solve common headaches such as runtime exceptions and source code verbosity. 

At the just ended Google I/O, the Android team announced first-class support for Kotlin

What shall we cover?
The talk covers the basics of Kotlin and using Kotlin for Android development.

Who will benefit?
Android developers with a desire to grow in Mobile software development will benefit from this session.

The attendees will understand the basics of Kotlin programming language and how Kotlin makes Android app development less painful.

Pre - requisites
● Android development experience (beginner)
● Internet that can access https://goo.gl/Xzz9bM


1) Aretha Kebirungi - A backend Software Engineer, whose languages of active development include Python, Java & Ruby. Her experience spans solutions development work in the banking sector, academic research and software companies.

2) Charles Muchene - An experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer services industry. Skilled in Kotlin, Java, Android, PHP, Business Development, Embedded Systems, and Electrical Engineering. 

3) Kirk Agbenyegah - A Software developer at SafeBoda, Web and Mobile technology enthusiast who has worked with some software and web technology firms in developing successful products for the consumer market. 

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