Women Techmakers: Level up your non-tech skills

Online event - GDG Johannesburg
Wed, Sep 2, 2020, 6:00 PM (SAST)

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About this event

In the month of September, we're levelling up on non-technical skills! Learn from the experts on topics like EQ (emotional intelligence), how to do salary negotiation, and more! Remember, Women Techmakers are for all women in tech and their male allies!


18:00 - 18:15 - Welcome to GDG!

18:15 - 18:45 - Emotional Intelligence: A critical skill for everyone - Dr Rean du Plessis & Tanya du Plessis

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a skill; some people view it as more important than IQ for business success. Emotional intelligent people are able to better identify and manage their own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. It is an important skill for anyone who interacts with people and even more important for leaders. You can, just like with any other skills, through learning and practice improve it. The overall session will be an introduction to Emotional Intelligence and we will share
reasons why emotions sometimes are difficult to control as well as a few practical things you can do to start to improve your Emotional Intelligence today.

Dr Rean du Plessis is an accomplished Industrial Psychologist and forward-thinking Leader, Executive Coach and Facilitator with extensive international experience across diverse industries with a focus on Business Leadership and Development, Executive Coaching, Organisational Development and Management Consulting. He is
also passionate about family, community, development and staying fit. Something interesting about him, he participated in most canoe races and his book “The Leaders Inner Source” will be available soon.

Tanya du Plessis has successfully implemented various people management projects. She had interactions with people in the workplace for more than 15 years in different roles and across various industries. She currently has her own practice as an Industrial Psychologist and assists individuals with career planning and coaching as well as companies with various projects. In her free time, she enjoys family time, camping and travelling.

18:45- 19:00 - Money matters: How to negotiate your salary - Stephanie Truter 🚀

Entering into a salary negotiation, with a current or potential employer, can seem overwhelming. But if you prepare and go into it with the right frame of mind, it does not have to be. During this talk, we will break down salary negotiations into bite-sized, practical steps to help you feel ready and confident to have these crucial career conversations.

As a tech talent advisor and qualified Psychometrist for the last 2 years, Stephanie has gained a love for tech and the people who work in it. With an Honours degree in Psychology, and working for OfferZen, Stephanie has learned a lot about the job search process, both from the perspective of the employer and employee. Working with clients on a daily basis who are embarking on their job search process has given her insight into a variety of different scenarios, a deeper understanding of human motivation, and the nuances that are encountered during this process. In her spare time Stephanie loves exploring, reading and trying her hand at new recipes.

19:00 - 19:25 - Non-Technical skills every software developer needs - Cynthia Mulenga

It takes more than just technical skills to advance through the ranks and earn the right to lead teams, projects, and, ultimately, companies as a Software Developer. This talk will run through non-technical skills that will enable one to advance in their career.

Product Management Consultant and Software Developer - Freelancer
Co-Lead - Facebook Developer Circles Lusaka
Co-Founder / Co-Host - CodeCast Zambia Podcast
Mentor/Trainer - Asikana Network
Organizer - Developer Conference Zambia
Co-Founder - Lwiiyo Community Literacy Initiative

19:25 - 19:30 - Giveaways and Thanks!

Please remember, we have a code of conduct at our meetup. Everyone is welcome and if you feel uncomfortable please let any of the organisers know at gdgjohannesburg@gmail.com.


Wednesday, Sep 2
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (SAST)


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