February Meetup - Firebase Cloud Functions | The Google Cloud loves sensor data

GDG Johannesburg
Wed, Feb 7, 2018, 6:00 PM (SAST)

About this event

First meetup of 2018!
Date: 7th February 2018
Time: 18:00 - 20:00

The meetup is hosted at JoziHub in 44 Stanley. Parking is available in the street or in the centre across the road.

Talk 1: Introduction to Cloud Functions for Firebase (25 min)
This talk will be an introduction to Firebase Cloud Functions, what they are, how they fit into the Firebase suite of products and how we can use them to build better apps. Cloud functions are mainly written in JavaScript but this presentation will show how we can also write our cloud functions in KotlinJS.

Speaker: Peter-John Welcome
Peter-John is a mobile developer at Dynamic Visual Technologies, developing a banking app for one of South Africa’s biggest banks. He works on both Android and iOS platforms and enjoys using new technologies and APIs. Big Kotlin and Swift fan. In his spare time, he's into photography, blogging about technology and co-organising developer meetups at GDG Johannesburg.

Talk 2: The Google Cloud loves sensor data. (45min)
In this talk, Dries will demonstrate how to use webhooks to stream sensor data from a Particle Photon to the Google Cloud.

Speaker: Dries Cronje
As a Deep Learning Research Engineer at Tracker Dries is involved in both the design and implementation of deep learning systems and the integration with existing systems. He stays on top of the field by researching all the latest technological advancements.