Fantastic chatbots and where to find them | Up and Running with Kubernetes

GDG Johannesburg
Wed, Mar 7, 2018, 6:00 PM (SAST)

About this event

- Date: 7th March 2018
- Time: 18:00 - 20:00

This meetup we have two very interesting talks scheduled. Fantastic Chatbots and a talk about Kubernetes. Please be sure to join us! More information about the talks below:

Talk 1: Fantastic chatbots and where to find them
Arrie and Simon dream romantically about being able to converse with their machines. These voice and text-based interfaces are making their way into our products and it turns out, are actually simple to build.

We will give you a ridiculously short, principled understanding of natural language processing, using Google's DialogFlow and Cloud Functions, while building a chatbot that can handle registering a user for your site and responding to small talk. As a bonus let’s control our account with our voice, for reals. Let’s explore this together as we share our foray into text-based interfaces & how we can apply them right now.

Speaker: Simon Van Dyk and Arrie Pieterse

Simon is a technical product lead at Platform45, interested in everything software from design & development to machine learning. On his journey, Simon loves sharing his learnings, and has given a couple talks in South Africa and the USA. Catch him on Github (@sighmin), or at

Arrie is a developer at Platform45 passionate about the intersection of design and innovative technologies ranging from chatbots and voice interfaces to machine learning and DAPPs. Catch him on Github (@klipie245), or at

Talk 2: Up and Running with Kubernetes

How do I manage an application at scale?

That’s a common question facing developers today.

With modern web services, users expect applications to be available 24/7, and developers expect to deploy new versions of those applications several times a day.

Containerization helps package software to serve these goals, enabling applications to be released and updated in an easy and fast way without downtime.

Googles’ Kubernetes helps you make sure those containerized applications run where and when you want and helps them find the resources and tools they need to work.

In this talk, we'll get up and running with Kubernetes to deploy, scale, and manage your distributed container-based applications.

Speaker: Rory Preddy

For 20 years Rory has developed and designed distributed enterprise systems.
He works full time in Research which gives him an unparalleled insight into industry movement.
For fun, he runs the Java, AWS and Kotlin User groups and races microservice driven cars.


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