Best of DevFest!

GDG Johannesburg
Wed, Feb 5, 2020, 6:00 PM (SAST)

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About this event

Missed out on DevFest South Africa? No worries! Our February meetup will feature two of the best talks of this amazing conference.

17:45 - 18:00 - Food and drinks are served, get comfy and prepare yourself to learn some new things!

18:00 - 18:15 - Welcome to GDG!

18:15 - 18:55 - So you wanna build a lightsaber? - Gery Young

So, you wanna be a Jedi? Well, my young apprentice, to do that you require two things. The first is to master the force. The second, a lightsaber. Lucky for you, you've come to the right session!

In this gadget, code and Star Wars filled talk we are going to cover everything you need to know about building a smart lightsaber. We will talk about all of the parts required: lights, sounds, buttons, accelerometers and style. Components alone are not enough, we'll need some knowledge of the force (also known as JavaScript) to connect our lightsaber to the internet.

Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy... No, wait, I got carried away there...

Gergana Young is a software developer, adventurer, and Star Wars geek extraordinaire. Intending on making a career of reprogramming astromech droids with JavaScript, she abandoned the Imperial Academy and defected to BBD. After a tour of duty in the banking sector, working on .NET, JavaScript, Angular and Meteor, she finally found her place in the R&D team. In her spare time, she builds cool software and "things" for her other passions: rock climbing, running and, of course, Star Wars.

18:55 - 19:00 - Small Breather

19:00 - 19:40 - Q-lued up with Android 10: Understanding the privacy requirements of Android 10 - Ahmed Tikiwa

Over the years Android has seen exponential growth and with that growth, a vast number of functionality has been added to the Android ecosystem. There has however been one thing lacking - allowing the user more control over their privacy. Apart from the usual UI updates and the new Dark Mode, Google has taken a deliberate stance with providing users with the control they have so desperately needed.

In this session, I will be discussing the top privacy changes that are part of Android 10 and why these changes are important to both Android users and developers.

Ahmed Tikiwa is a seasoned full-stack developer with over 8 years of experience and possesses a strong passion for developing world-class applications that can help change the world. He has experience in both frontend and backend systems, where he has built enterprise solutions for major telecommunication companies. He holds an Android Nanodegree from Google and Udacity and is currently an Android Engineer at Luno.

19:40 - 19:55 - Giveaways and Thanks!

Lots of great content and smart developers! (Oh! And some awesome prizes to be won)

Yourself, and maybe a friend if you are shy to chat to people (don't be shy!)

Please remember, we have a code of conduct at our meetup. Everyone is welcome and if you feel uncomfortable please let any of the organisers know.


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