DevFest 2019 Jogjakarta

GDG Jogjakarta
Sat, Nov 16, 2019, 9:00 AM (WIB)

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About this event

GDG Devfest is the biggest annual event of GDG Jogjakarta. The concept is an event for developers and tech-enthusiasts that is led by communities and experts.

This year, GDG Jogjakarta presents experts of Android, Web, Machine Learning, Google Cloud, Flutter, Google Assistant, and other Google newest technologies. They will share knowledge and experience with developers and tech-enthusiasts in Yogyakarta in order to support innovations that are useful and empowering the developer community.

Our theme for this event is: "Tech to Move Forward!",
with these list of speakers:
1. Tesya Nurintan, Women Tech Maker Ambassador
2. Aiya Mukhamedsalova, Front-end developer at SeekAsia
3. Wahidyan Kresna Fridayoka, Senior Front-end engineer at RuangGuru
4. Raka Adi Nugroho, Senior Software engineer at Tokopedia
5. Heri Sulistiyanto, Senior Android developer at RuangGuru
6. Anbita Nadine Siregar, Co-Founder Generation Girl
7. Randy Arba Pahlevi, Android developer at A Job Things
8. Bekti Andhana, Co-founder at Neurabot
9. Himang Sharatun, Back-end engineer at RuangGuru
10. .. and other upcoming speakers