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Google Cloud's AI tools are armed with the best of Google's research and technology to help developers focus exclusively on solving problems that matter

Oct 29, 2022, 3:30 – 4:30 PM


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With Google Cloud, you can choose from GPUs, TPUs, or CPUs to support a variety of use cases including high performance training, low cost inference, and large scale data processing. Move faster with Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) for training and executing deep neural networks at scale with optimized cost and training time.

You can choose from a range of NVIDIA GPUs to help with cost-effective inference or scale-up or scale-out training. Not all machine learning models are the same, and different models benefit from different levels of hardware acceleration. Finally, access CPU platforms when you start a VM instance on Compute Engine. Compute Engine offers a range of both Intel and AMD processors for your VMs.


  • Nausheen I .K.



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