Flutter in 2022 ๐Ÿš€

Cocoon Tree, Ibrahim Aljuffali Street, ุงู„ุฃู†ุฏู„ุณุŒ ุฌุฏุฉ 23326, Jeddah, 23326

How did Flutter start and where it stands in 2022? Why new devs should learn Flutter and why experience devs should be excited about its Future? How it provides the best UX as well as the DX. And why it's best for businesses in the Middle East.

Jul 30, 2022, 2:00 โ€“ 3:30 PM


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About this event

- Basic introduction to Flutter

- Quick architectural overview

- General advantages of using Flutter

- How it started, how it stands in 2022, and comparison with data from 2 years ago

- New things on the framework's roadmap

- Why Flutter had chosen Dart over other programming languages

- Why is Flutter considered the best way to build apps for businesses in the Middle East

- How's the current job market, some great resources, some live coding and Q&A!


  • Abdullah Deshmukh

    Flutter Developer


  • Nawal Al-Hamwi

    Technical Operation Management | Flutter Developer | Women Techmaker Ambassador | Community Builder


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  • Kholoud Albanna

    Quantum platform

    Data analyst

  • Nawal Alhamwi

    Backyard Experiential

    GDG Organizer

  • Faisal Bin Hassan

    Software Engineer

  • Muneb Younis

    Software Engineer

  • Mai Alem


  • Hisham Altayieb

    Lean Business Services

    data analyst

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