Cloud Study Jam

GDG Jalingo
Sat, Feb 24, 2018, 9:00 AM (WAT)

About this event

Study Jams are community-run study groups for students on Google Developers content, on various product topics. Study Jams framework brings together community members who are interested in learning about the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). EVENT AGENDA:
9:00 AM Registration and Tag collection
9:30 AM Introduction to Cloud Study Jam
10:00 AM Tea Break
10:30 AM Guiding participants in creating QwikLab account
11:00 PM Given QwikLab Tokens to participant
11:30 PM Review key concepts in creating Qwiklab and how to use the Tokens given
12:00 PM Analyzing and Guiding Students on the assigned Labs.
12:30 PM Address questions related to creating and using the QwikLab Tokens
1:00 PM Lunch Break
1:30 PM Networking/Group photo