Build Actions for Your Community [Google Assistant Meetup]

GDG Jalingo
Sat, Jun 30, 2018, 10:00 AM (WAT)

About this event

We are proud to be hosting our first "Actions on Google" Google Assistant in our community.

[Build Actions for Your Community is an open and modular event series designed by Google and offered to community organizers worldwide. Actions on Google and Google assistant are one of the major Google technical areas and we (GDG Jalingo) want to invite the whole developer community to learn about creating Actions for Google Assistant.
Google Assistant Meetup Jalingo is an event that brings developers, students, tech enthusiasts, to learn how to build actions for our community using Google Assistant SDKs, to create multiple solutions using the Dialog Flow.]

[Event Agenda:
Time >Length >Topic Details
>9:30 am 30 min Registration
Attendees arrive, get their badges and drinks

>10:00 am 10 min Welcome
Introduction of community/facilitators/team, goals of the event series, share agenda

>10:10 am 30 min Building Conversational Experiences with Actions on Google
Google Assistant and Actions on Google

>10:40 am 30 min Conversational Design Intro
Conversational Design

>11:10 am 15 min Share Ideas
Coffee & tea time, attendees start to share ideas

>11:25 am 40 min Facts about you: Bitcoin Info Codelab OR Animal Joker
Attendees can choose one or the other codelab to
learn how to create VUI (Agent/Natural Language Understanding Module in Dialogflow)

>12:05 pm 55 min [LUNCH]

>13:00 pm 150 min Create your Actions on Google
After a short intro: Teams/attendees create their Actions for their communities

>15:30 pm 40 min The Good, Bad, and Ugly
Teams fill out the feedback form and share with the group their experiences on Actions on Google

>16:10 pm 40 min Showcase created Actions
Teams present their Actions

>16:50 pm 10 min Goodbye
Share resources for the event series

>17:00 pm open
Networking time]