Next'18 Extended Jalandhar

GDG Jalandhar
Sat, Sep 15, 2018, 9:00 AM (IST)

About this event

Next'18 Extended brings together developer communities around the world to take part in the Next'18 experience, either during the conference or even after!.

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Primary Agenda:
1) Google Cloud Platform
2) Machine Learning with GCP
3) Kubernates
4) Google Cloud Certification
5) Google App Engine
6) Build Actions with GCP
7) Cloud Auto ML
8) GSuit

1) Rahul Pandey (Google)
2) Jyoti Thakur (Google)
3) Kamal Vaid (Infosys)
4) Tushar Shrivastava (Infosys)
5) Shiv Prakesh (Infineon)
6) Ojasvi Bhargava (GDG)
7) Sonakshi Shukla (WTM Lead)
8) Varsha Jaiswal (GDG)
9) Abhishek Suman (GDG)
10) Sami Anand (LPU)
11) Inderpreet Singh (GSoC Mentor, Google)
12) Ishita Agnihotri (GDG)
13) Yash Pathak (GDG)


  • Simar Preet Singh

    Simar Preet Singh

    Cybertron Technologies

    Sr. Software Developer

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  • Varsha Jaiswal

    Varsha Jaiswal

    EasyEat AI

    Senior Software Developer

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