#JuaraAndroid Season 2 - Onboarding

GDG Jakarta
Fri, Oct 7, 5:00 PM (WIB)

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About this event

Info session about #JuaraAndroid: Compose Camp

Find out more about the program's curriculum, how to enroll, and tips on how to finish your study successfully.


Angie Sasmita - Android Devrel Engineer at Google

Febria Roosita - Technical Project Manager at Google

#JuaraAndroid is an online self-study program to help developers to learn Android Development using Compose.

If you are a novice developer who wants to learn on how to create your first Android apps, or a professional android developer looking to upgrade your skills in Compose, this is a program for you! 

You will learn basic Android programming with best practices recommended by the Android team, including creating beautiful layouts, architecting navigations between screens, and connecting to the internet.

This program will run from Oct 4 through Oct 30, 2022.

Register at goo.gle/juara-android

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    Anggi Maisa Hadaya


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