Google I/O 2017 Recap

GDG Indore
Sun, Aug 6, 2017, 10:30 AM (IST)

About this event

Announcing GDG Indore Google IO Recap.

Google I/O is annual developer conference. Google I/O Recap is just a sneak peek at what is the next for the things like Android, Machine Learning, AI and Other platform.


Recap of some of the things which Google has announced in Google I/O conference 2017 and get your hands on it .

It is a hands-on session and hence it is recommended for you to bring laptops

This meet-up is focused on:

1) Introduction to Kotlin

2) Getting started with TensorFlow

3) Actions on Google (with and Google Home)

4) Android Studio 3.0 & what's new in it.

• Hands-on session on building real world application.

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