Google I/O 2019 Drinks Night Ilorin

GDG Ilorin
Tue, May 7, 2019, 5:00 PM (WAT)

About this event

Join us on the day of the keynote to talk through all the new announcements. This will be a great opportunity to catch up with the community and discuss what’s new over a few drinks

Venue: Noktel Resort
Time: 5:00PM - 7:00PM

Please note - there are no presentations, or a formal agenda. This is just a time to catch up on the day of the keynote.

We will be running our annual I/O Extended on June 15.

Let us celebrate the yearly tradition of Google announcements.


  • Kamaldeen Kehinde

    Kamaldeen Kehinde

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  • Areous Ahmad

    Areous Ahmad

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  • Ibraheem Zulkifli

    Ibraheem Zulkifli


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  • Ahmed Olanrewaju

    Ahmed Olanrewaju


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  • Adeola Grace

    Adeola Grace


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  • Mohammed Yayah

    Mohammed Yayah

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  • Dare Akolade Omiyale

    Dare Akolade Omiyale


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