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🔴 Note: If in case you did not attend the previous event, after RSVPing on this platform, please fill out the form (link in the description below). You can skip this if you filled it out for the previous event. On account of International Women's Day, join us for an online hosted 4-week mentorship program designed to empower women in mastering the art of public speaking.

Mar 31, 5:30 – 6:30 AM

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The event is mainly focused and curated for women but is open to everyone.


A comprehensive mentorship program designed to provide you with practical insights, strategies, and hands-on experience in public speaking. Through interactive sessions, guest speaker presentations, and assignments, you will enhance your communication skills, overcome public speaking anxiety, and step confidently onto the stage.


Public speaking is a vital skill for personal and professional success, yet many individuals, particularly women, face barriers and challenges in this area. This program seeks to address this gap by offering a supportive and empowering environment to develop their public speaking abilities, amplify their voices, and unlock their full potential.

Four Speaker Sessions:

Session 1: Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety - 24th March - Completed

Learn techniques to manage nerves, boost confidence, and overcome public speaking anxiety.

Session 2: Research, Content Creation, and Preparation - 31st March - Current event

Hear from experts on how to conduct research, create content for your presentation, and the best practices

Session 3: Crafting Compelling Stories - 6th April

Discover the power of storytelling and learn how to structure speeches for maximum impact.

Session 4: Vocal and Body Language Mastery - 14th April

Develop a strong speaking voice and learn body language cues for engagement and credibility.

Assignments to Submit:

Throughout the program following the week after the speaker session, participants will complete assignments designed to reinforce learning and practice public speaking skills. These assignments may include:

  • Preparing and delivering short speeches on assigned topics.
  • Writing reflections on personal growth and challenges overcome.
  • Engaging in peer feedback exercises to provide constructive criticism and support.

Armed with newfound skills and empowered by the support of mentors and peers, you will be ready to step confidently onto the stage and share your voice with the world. We can't wait for it enough! We will allow you to take the stage to give a lightning talk on the IWDHubli'24 main event day - 21st of April.

Hope you are excited and pumped to develop a new skill.

Please make sure to fill out the Google form mentioned at the start of the event description.


  • Shweta Mandal


    CEO & Public Speaking, Confidence Building Coach and Mentor


  • Girish Patil


    GDG Organizer

  • Supriya Shashivasan

    Sony India Software Center

    Software Engineer

  • Sujay Tadahal

    Juniper Networks

    Co-organizer and Software developer at Juniper

  • Mohit Gumber

    Société Générale

    Team member

  • Medha KM


    Team member

  • Rohit Patil

    Juniper Networks

    Team member

  • Srishti Saurav

    KLE Technological University, Hubli


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