A definitive guide to Technical Blogging as a developer

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Wed, Jan 13, 7:30 PM (IST)

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Find answers to questions like - Why should you blog? - What to write about? - How to structure a blog? - How can it help you? - Best practices

About this event

Hey everyone! Wish you a very happy new year!! We are so excited to host the first event of this year. We have an interesting event this time for you!!

As developers, we are always on the lookout for content that can make us improve ourselves. One way we do this is by sharing knowledge by writing articles, building projects to amp our skills, reading articles, and always keeping ourselves updated.

To tell you more about technical writing and how it can help you shape your portfolio, we have Shad Mirza (https://twitter.com/iamshadmirza) from Hashnode. The event is a mixture of a talk on "A Definitive guide to technical blogging" and a fireside chat with Shad. Join us on 13th Jan, Wednesday 2021 at 7:30 pm for this amazing session.

What is covered in the session?

- What is technical blogging?

- Why should you blog?

- What to write about?

- How to structure a blog

- How can it help you?

- Best practices

Also, listen to how Shad (https://twitter.com/iamshadmirza) manages to put out wonderful blogs and the impact it has had on his career.


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