Software Builders’ Night (English)

Lalamove (Functional office) - Rm 403, 4/F, Innocentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue Hong Kong, 00000 - View Map GDG Hong Kong
Wed, Jun 14, 7:15 PM (HKT)

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This is an event for software builders (if you are tired of identifying yourself as software engineer / programmer) to get together, share thought and mingle. We may want to turn it to a regular one (?) if you all like it!

About this event

Software Builders’ Night

This event will be conducted in English

Our Vision

Connect software engineering professionals to foster mutual growth.


We believe building a good software will satisfy your users, and drive your career to success. 

However, the definition of "good" grows / expands over time. 

To continuously stay with "good", we want to foster the bonding between engineers in Hong Kong to continuously exchange their engineering experience across domains and companies. 

The Mutual Growth

We strongly believe having mutual benefits between the organizers, speakers, and audiences is the only way to sustain the community.


  1. Receive feedbacks from your audience to improve your presentation skills.
  2. Get the source of motivation to dive deeper and consolidate related knowledges into a lightning presentation.
  3. Grow your reputation in the software engineering industry. 
  4. Connect more passionate professionals who share the same vision.

  1. Learn from the presentations shared by the speakers, i.e. the design process, thought leadership, problem solving techniques, etc.
  2. Get more software engineering directions to dive deep and avoid pitfalls
  3. Converge the learning and create positive impacts in your organization
  4. Connect more passionate professionals who share the same vision.


7:15pm Check-in

7:30pm Opening & GDG Hong Kong introduction by GDG Hong Kong organizer

7:40pm Thread-blocking I/O is blocking your future by Gary Lo, Lead Software Architect@Zuhlke, Google Developer Experts in Kotlin

  • Why developers are building thread-blocking I/O application?
  • How thread-blocking I/O goes worse in the this microservice architecture age?
  • What is the performance difference between thread-blocking I/O and thread-non-blocking I/O? feat. Rust, C#, Nodejs, JVM
  • Compare Kotlin 1.8 and Java 17, Java 21 (upcoming GA release on September 19, 2023) non-blocking implementations

8:10pm Lalamove App: Architecture & Challenges by Dharmendra Jadon, Principal Engineer@Lalamove

  • Explore the distinct challenges arising from diverse regions and market configurations, and discover how leveraging our Global App Architecture enables us to effectively navigate and dominate these variations.

8:40pm Panel Discussion "How to stay competitive in this Generative AI age" by the host and speakers

  • We can assure you the discussion shall not be a clickbait (?)

9:00pm Photo

9:05pm Networking & Closing

Becoming a Speaker

We are happy to grow the speakers force. Please submit an issue on our Github.




Wednesday, Jun 14
7:15 PM - 9:30 PM (HKT)


Lalamove (Functional office)
Rm 403, 4/F, Innocentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue Hong Kong00000