DevFest 2023 GDG Hong Kong: AI Everywhere

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee), 3 King Ling Road, Hong Kong, 000000

一年一度本地 Google 技術 Developer Conference 又同大家見面喇🤗 歡迎你嘅參與! Local Google Developer Conference. Welcome everyone to join it!

Nov 18, 2023, 1:30 – 9:30 AM


Key Themes

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About this event

Hello!👋我哋誠意邀請你參與本地本年度最大型既Google技術Developer Conference!🤗

我哋 GDG Hong Kong 從本地 developers嘅角度出發,為大家帶來眾多唔同Google technology嘅最熱門話題同埋技術講座!今年是GDG Hong Kong歷來最大型DevFest,預計參與人數高達過千人!!

今年主題 - "AI Everywhere"

"AI" - 多個 Gen AI、AI on Google Cloud、LLM 等等 Machine Learning 技術分享

"Everywhere" - AI / ML技術應用分享,在多個平台 Android、Flutter、Web,多個範疇 Education、Elderly Care、Geography 等等

  • 7 條Tracks
  • 30+ 個 Talks / Codelabs
  • 7 位Google講者親身來臨,3位由美國遠道而來
  • 10 位 Google開發技術專家講者
  • 1000+ 本地developers現場交流
  • 全日開放Community Lounge
  • Google AI 產品體驗區

⭐ 今年是GDG Hong Kong歷來最大型DevFest,預計參與人數高達過千人!⭐ 總共有 7 條 tracks,30+ 個 sessions,講者來自唔同國家地區,多達 10 個Google技術開發專家GDE,多個專家講者及Google講者,分享佢地開發心得、技術研究、項目經驗,主題涵蓋 Gen AI、ML、Flutter、Android、Angular、DEI 、Education 等等。👨‍💻👩‍💻


📅 日期: 11月18號 (星期六)

🕒 時間: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm (9:30am 開始check-in)

📍地點: 香港專業教育學院(李惠利)

🗣️語言: 廣東話 / 英文 / 普通話


Hello!👋 You're cordially invited to the largest developer conference on Google technology in Hong Kong 🤗

We are exploring hot topics on different Google technologies and tailoring them to meet the needs of local developers!

If you're a technology enthusiast, don't miss this year's DevFest which will be the largest DevFest ever in GDG Hong Kong, with over a thousand attendees expected! Be sure to bookmark the date!

This year's theme - "AI Everywhere"

"AI" - Multiple Gen AI, AI on Google Cloud, LLM, etc. Machine Learning tech sharing

"Everywhere" - AI / ML applications tech sharing on Different Platforms e.g. Android, Flutter, Web, Multiple Industries e.g. Education, Elderly Care, Geography, etc.

  • 7 Tracks
  • 30+ Talks / Codelabs
  • 7 Google speakers attend in-person, 3 from Google US
  • 10 Google Developer Expert Speakers
  • 1000+ Local Developers attend in-person
  • Google API Product Experience Corner
  • Community Lounge open all day

⭐ Largest DevFest ever in GDG Hong Kong, with over a thousand attendees expected! ⭐ We have a total of 7 Tracks and 40+ Sessions, 10 Google Developer Expert(GDE) speakers, many professional speakers and Google speakers. There are speakers from different countries and cities too! Covering topics such as Gen AI, ML, Flutter, Android, Angular, DEI, Education, and more. 👨‍💻👩‍💻

👇🏻Please scroll down for the Agenda👇🏻

📅 Date: November 18th (Saturday)

🕒 Time: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm (check-in start at 9:30 am)

📍 Location: Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee)

🗣️Language: Cantonese / English / Putonghua


DevFest 2023 GDG Hong Kong 由以下社群共同協辦 / DevFest 2023 GDG Hong Kong is co-hosted by the following communities:

Google Developer Group Hong Kong (GDG Hong Kong)

Google Developer Student Club Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (GDSC IVE)


香港專業教育學院 (李惠利) - 資訊科技系


鳴謝 Google HK 及 Intetl 贊助會場限定精美紀念品及抽獎禮品! 
Special Thanks to Google HK and Intel for sponsoring the Swags & Lucky Draw Gifts !


Overall Schedule

Talk Session Lists


Check in & Registration
Opening Speech by GDG Hong Kong, IVE GDSC & IVE
Opening Speech by Michael Yue (Managing Director and GM @ Google Hong Kong)
[Flutter] Building the Future: Empowering Mobile Apps with LLMs (Pawan Kumar, Google Developer Expert in Flutter & Firebase)
[AI/ML] The Future of Recruitment: Leveraging LLMs for Precision in Job-Talent Pairing (Anthony Chiu & Darren Chiu, Head of Engineering / Product Director @ TalentLabs)
Lunch Time
[AI/ML] When Generative AI Meets Metaverse (Charles Cheung, Deputy Director of NVIDIA AI Technology Center, Hong Kong)
[Firebase] [AI/ML] Live Demo: Building AI Powered Web Apps with Firebase Extensions (Bijan Oviedo, Software Engineer in Firebase @ Google)
[Firebase] Lightning Talk: Firestore Advanced Queries (Tyler Crowe, Senior Product Manager In Firebase @ Google)
[Firebase] Google Analytics 4: Predictive Capabilities in Firebase (Don Kahn, Product Manager in Google Analytics @ Google)


  • Michael Yue

    Google Hong Kong

    Managing Director and GM

  • Dr Yan-keung John HUI

    Hong Kong Institute of Information Technology (HKIIT)


  • Jimmy Chan

    Lead @ Google Educator Group HK & Macao SAR

  • Tyler Crowe


    Senior Product Manager in Firebase

  • Don Kahn


    Product Manager in Google Analytics

  • Bijan Oviedo


    Software Engineer in Firebase

  • Edward Satio


    APAC Public Sector Lead Customer Engineer, Google Workspace

  • Fung Lam


    Developer Relations Engineer, Android

  • Meg Jiang


    Community Manager

  • Dr. Charles Cheung


    Deputy Director, NVIDIA AI Technology Center Hong Kong

  • Anubhav Singh

    CEO @ Dynopii Inc.

    Google Developer Expert in Google Cloud Platform

  • Pawan Kumar

    Founder @ Codepur

    Google Developer Expert in Flutter, Firebase

  • Jerry Wu


    Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning

  • Yuang Qiao

    Google Developer Expert in Android

  • Kinni Mew

    GDG Hong Kong Organizer

    Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning, Co-founder of TensorFlow Hong Kong

  • Ziyu LIN

    Google Developer Expert in Earth Engine

  • Cyrus Wong

    Senior Lecturer @ IVE

    Google Developer Expert in Google Cloud Platform

  • Gary Lo


    Lead Software Architect

  • Connie Leung

    Software Architect @ Diginex

    Google Developer Expert in Angular

  • Wolke@林建宏


    Google Developer Expert in Assistant

  • Darren Chiu

    TalentLabs / TechJobAsia

    Co-founder & Product Director

  • Anthony Chiu

    TalentLabs / TechJobAsia

    Head of Engineering

  • Leo Liu

    鉑盛科技總經理 & CEO

    Intel Edge Computing Ambassador

  • Ying Wei TOH

    SmartPeep Pte Ltd

    COO & Co-founder