Build with AI Hackathon

Master Concept, 2/F, The Whitney, 183 Wai Yip St, Kwun Tong, 00000

使用 Google Gemini 及你的創意, 突破 Gen AI 應用程式的界限!Build a creative app that uses Google’s Gemini. Push beyond our boundaries of what Generative AI can do with Gemini!

Apr 27, 2:00 – 9:30 AM


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About this event

準備好參加 Google Gemini Hackathon,進入無限創造力的Gen AI世界吧!

加入 Gemini Hackathon,透過生成智能 (Generative AI) 創新技術促進Social Good。 GDG Hong Kong 誠意邀請您,一起發掘 Google Gemini 的無限可能。 Gemini 是 Google 研發以來最先進的多媒體模式 Large Langauage Model 模型,旨在增強開發人員和數據科學家的能力。大家可以透過文字、圖像、視訊和檔案, 輸入請求,Gemini 模型就可以回答,釋放和感受prompt engineering的力量!

鑑於 ESG(環境、社會和治理)和 SDG 倡議的流行趨勢,本次Hackathon提供一個平台,讓大家可以就當今現代社會,以創新意念和方案去解決社會問題。

Hackathon主題:「GenAI for Social Good」分為以下3個類別:

• 環境保育和可持續發展 - Environmental Sustainability

• 教育 - Education

• 身心健康 - Health and Fitness


🏆1st Place: HKD3000 cash for whole team

🏆2nd Place: HKD2000 cash for whole team

🏆3rd Place: HKD1000 cash for whole team


Day 1 Hacking Day @ 觀塘MC辦公室

📅日期:2024年4月27日 (星期六)

⏰時間:上午10:00 - 下午5:30

📍地點:Master Concept, 2/F, The Whitney, 183 Wai Yip St, Kwun Tong

📋流程 : Gemini API簡介及Demo、講解評審標準、技術支援、提交團隊初步Idea、團隊1-on-1 Mentor環節

Day 2 Presentation and Judging Day @ 銅鑼灣Google HK辦公室

📅日期:2024年5月4日 (星期六)

⏰時間:上午9:30 - 下午2:30

📍地點: Google香港, Level 19, Tower 2, Times Square, 1 Matheson St, Causeway Bay

📋流程 : 作品匯報、頒獎儀式、閉幕典禮

使用 Google Gemini 及你的創意, 突破 Gen AI 應用程式的界限!


• 每Team需為2-4 人。

• 有一位隊長代表團隊在此event page報名。請確保每個團隊僅可報名一次。

• 如果您沒有組隊,可以先在此event page報名並在registration form選擇"Participate as individual and form the team later"。 registration form最後有一個 Telegram Group連結,您可以在Group組隊。 

• 所有參與者需提供正確電郵地址。 

• 組隊登記或個人(稍後組隊)登記截止時間 : 4月26日(活動前一天) 下午 11 : 59 。



評審標準 及 比賽規則




Get ready for a journey into the world of limitless creativity with the Google Gemini Hackathon!

Join this event where innovation knows no bounds and cares about social good. We’re inviting you to redefine what's possible with Google's Gemini. Gemini, the state-of-the-art multimodal LLM model invented by Google, is designed to empower developers and data scientists and unleash the power of prompt engineering with text, images, videos and files!

Given the prevalent trend on ESG (Environmental Social and Governance ) and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) initiatives, this hackathon has been designed to provide a platform for you to tackle social problems with provoking ideas and innovation in real time societal challenges.

The theme of hackathon : "GenAI for Social Good" is divided into following 3 categories:

• Environmental Sustainability

• Education

• Health and Fitness

Winning teams will be offered with exciting prizes!

🏆1st Place: HKD3000 cash for whole team

🏆2nd Place: HKD2000 cash for whole team

🏆3rd Place: HKD1000 cash for whole team

This Hackathon is held over two Saturdays. Participants are expected to attend the challenge on both days of the event.

Day 1 Hacking Day @ Master Concept office in Kwun Tong

📅Date :27th April 2024 (Saturday)

⏰Time:10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

📍Venue:Master Concept, 2/F, The Whitney, 183 Wai Yip St, Kwun Tong

📋Rundown: Gemini API Intro and Demos, announce Judging Criteria, Technical Support, Preliminary Team Ideas Submission, Team 1-on-1 Mentor Session

Day 2 Presentation and Judging Day @ Google HK office in Causeway Bay

📅Date:4th May 2024 (Saturday)

⏰Time:10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

📍Venue: Google HK, Level 19, Tower 2, Times Square, 1 Matheson St, Causeway Bay

📋Rundown : Hackathon Presentation, Closing Ceremony, Prize Presentation

Build a creative app that uses Google’s Gemini. Push beyond our boundaries of what Generative AI can do with Gemini!

Team-up Registration

• Teams of 2-4 people are required to enter the hackathon. 

• The Team Leader has to register on this event page on behalf of the team. Please ensure that each team can only register once.

• All participants are required to provide a correct email address. 

• If you do not have a team, you can register on this event page first and select "Participate as individual and form the team later" in the registration form. There is a Telegram group link at the end of the registration form, you could form a team in the group.

• Deadline for team registration or individual (to form a team later) registration: April 26 (the day before the event) 11:59 pm.


See below Judges sections.

JUDGING CRITERIA and RULES see the below

Please scroll down to the below sections to view.

Any questions or inquiries regarding the hackathon should be directed to


• Innovation

    - Uniqueness and creativity of the solution

    - Novelty and originality of the approach

    - Creative use of Generative AI technology 

• Functionality
    - Effectiveness and accuracy of the solution

    - Adaptability and usability of the solution

    - Efficiency and reliability of the solution 

• Impact

    - Significance of the problem addressed

    - Potential for positive change and improvement

    - Scalability and broader implications of the solution 

• Feasibility

    - Practicality and viability of implementation

    - Resource requirements and scalability 

• Presentation

    - Clarity and organisation of the presentation

    - Effectiveness in communicating the solution 

比賽規則 RULES

1. Team Size

2-4 people per team.

Teams can consist of 2-4 members to encourage collaboration and diverse skill sets. Choose your teammates wisely and work together effectively.

2. Gemini-focused

Use Gemini API to implement Generative AI features.

The hackathon encourages participants to leverage the capabilities of Gemini API platforms to implement Generative AI features. Gemini offers powerful tools and resources for exploring and creating innovative AI-driven solutions. Other recommended supplementary API platforms are: Google Vertex AI, Google ImageGen API, Google AI Studio.

Missing Gemini API integration might result in a deduction of points for your team's presentation.

3. Originality Is Key

Avoid submitting previously released Generative AI applications by your team.

To foster creativity and encourage fresh ideas, it is advised to avoid submitting solutions that have already been released as Generative AI applications by your team. The goal is to explore new territory and push the boundaries of what is possible.

Please note that your team's presentation may incur a deduction in points if submitting a previously released solution is found.

4. Respect GenAI Ethos

Uphold fairness, transparency, and ethical use of technology.

Uphold the principles of fairness, transparency, and ethical use of technology throughout the hackathon. Consider the potential impact of your creations on society and ensure that your solutions align with these values.

5. Problem Statement Focus

Select and address one problem statement from the provided list.

Select one problem statement from the provided list and focus your efforts on addressing it effectively. Deviating from the chosen problem statement may result in disqualification.

6. Time Management

Efficiently plan, execute, and iterate within the allotted time.

The hackathon will have a limited duration, so manage your time wisely. Plan your tasks, execute them efficiently, and iterate as needed to maximize productivity within the given timeframe.

7. Code of Conduct

Treat all participants with respect and professionalism.

Treat all participants, organizers, mentors, and fellow competitors with respect and professionalism. Discrimination, harassment, or any form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Foster a positive and inclusive environment for everyone involved.

8. Documentation and Presentation

Provide clear documentation and articulate your solution effectively.

Alongside your working prototypes, provide clear and concise documentation that outlines the problem, approach, methodology, and results. During the final presentation, articulate your solution effectively, highlighting its value and potential impact.

9. Hardware and Software

Bring your own resources; ensure legal and licensed tools.

Participants are responsible for bringing their own hardware and software resources required for development (e.g., computers, development environment, IDEs, graphics materials, data resources, etc.). Ensure that all tools and technologies used are legal, licensed, and compliant with intellectual property rights.

10. Intellectual Property

Retain IP rights; may be required to share work for educational/promotional purposes.

The intellectual property rights of the solutions developed during the hackathon shall remain with the respective teams. However, participants may be required to share their work for educational and promotional purposes.

11. Judging Criteria

Innovation, functionality, impact, feasibility, and presentation.

A panel of expert judges will evaluate the submissions based on criteria such as innovation, functionality, impact, feasibility, and presentation. Stay true to the selected problem statement, but also showcase your creativity and technical prowess.

12. Have Fun

Enjoy the journey, learn, and forge connections!

Above all, enjoy the hackathon experience! Embrace the challenges, learn from the process, and forge lasting connections with fellow participants. The GenAI Hackathon is an opportunity for personal and professional growth.



Saturday, April 27, 2024
2:00 AM – 9:30 AM UTC


  • Frankie Wu

  • Kinni Mew

    GDG Hong Kong Organizer

    Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning, Co-founder of TensorFlow Hong Kong

  • Thomas Chong

    Votee AI

    AI Research Engineer


  • Allen Wyma


  • Emma Wong

    GDG Hong Kong


  • Frankie Wu

  • Larry Lo

    Capax Technology Limited

    System Analyst

  • Tom Cheung

    Mobile Software Engineer

  • Vanson Leung

    Mobile application developer, Indie Game Developer


  • Cyrus Wong

    Senior Lecturer @ IVE

    Google Developer Expert in Google Cloud Platform

  • Ivy Shi


    Senior Instructional Designer & Founder

  • Jacky Chan

    Votee Limited


  • Regen Au

    GenMax Lab

    Founder & CEO


  • Thomas Chong

    GDG Hong Kong

    GDGHK Organizer

  • Homing TAM


    GDGHK Organizer

  • Emma Wong

    GDG Hong Kong

    GDGHK Organizer

  • Kinni Mew

    GDGHK Organizer

  • Larry Lo

    GDGHK Organizer

  • Frankie Wu

    GDGHK Organizer

  • Allen Wyma

    Plangora Limited

    GDGHK Helper

  • Herbert, Ho-yin Man

    GDGHK Helper

  • Desmond Yeung

    GDG HK

    GDGHK Helper

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