Android Meetup #21

GDG Helsinki
Thu, Feb 22, 2018, 5:30 PM (EET)

About this event

The preparations for our Android Meetup #21 have started!! In this month of February, we will be hosted by our friends from Futurice. \o/


- 17h30: Reception, Networking, and Welcome, with Team GDG Helsinki

- 17:45: Talk 1 - Build your Own Lint Rules (Jon Duran)

- 18:25: Food Break (networking)

- 18:55: Talk 2 - A practical introduction to Architecture Components (Ramon Sadornil)
- 19:35: Ending!


1) If you are not going please don't confirm it. Doing that you gonna give the opportunity to the interested people to join :)

2) We won't reorganize the list, once the list of attendees is closed is closed.

3) Confirmations with information (first + last name) missing won't participate in the lottery at the end of the event. Check your information here and please update it!


Do you wanna talk in the next Meetup and help our amazing community to grow? Have something in mind to talk we could help you to release this knowledge? Submit your talk here: