A Flutterful Evening

GDG Helsinki
Thu, May 24, 2018, 5:00 PM (EEST)

About this event

Hold your horses! GDG Helsinki is gonna have a Flutter Evening!

In this month of May, our megawesome friends from Codemate will be opening their doors for us to have a delightful time together to talk about Flutter! \o/

If you haven't heard about Flutter yet, in a nutshell, Flutter is a mobile app SDK to build native apps for Android and iOS with a shared codebase. It uses Dart as its core development language. Flutter has been developed by and internally used by Google, along with other companies.

Your initial reaction might be something along the lines of "oh no, yet another cross-platform framework?!". We know how you feel, but hold on! Come and check why Flutter has been a recent groundbreaking tech in the mobile development ecosystem.

More info about Flutter here: https://flutter.io/


- 17:00: Doors open, food, and networking

- 17:30: Welcome from Hosts

- 17:45: Hot reloading your apps to life - Iiro Krankka (https://twitter.com/koorankka)

- 18:25: Short break

- 18:55: Reactive Flutter with Streams and RxDart - Brian Egan

- 19:35: A freeform Q&A session with speakers - ask about Flutter and you shall be answered

- 20:05: End


1) Confirmations with information (first + last name) missing won't participate in the lottery at the end of the event. Check your information here and please update it!
2) If you are not going please don't confirm it. Doing that you gonna give the opportunity to the interested people to join :)
3) We won't organize the list again, once the list of attendees is closed is closed.


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