What the Flutter & how do I React Native?

GDG Hannover
Wed, Nov 10, 2021, 7:00 PM (CET)

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About this event

For a long time React Native (developed by Facebook) was the go to framework for cross-plattform development. In recent years, Flutter (Google) has gained traction. Since beginning of this year, the number of Flutter developers exceeds the number of React Native developers. But still, there are advantages to React Native. So which cross-platform technology should we use?

The Flutter SDK by Google is the new Open Source SDK to create native applications in one codebase.

What is Flutter and why should you care about it? At the end of the talk, you will understand the decisions behind Flutter, why it is so different from other mobile development tools and platforms and why are so many developers already addicted to it.

React Native is developed and supported by Facebook. It brings React's declarative UI framework to iOS and Android. With React Native, you use native UI controls and have full access to the native platform. You can achieve almost native performance using beloved JavaScript, one of the most versatile languages.

Filipe Barroso (https://filipebarroso.xyz/) will introduce us to both frameworks. (He is not a React Native developer but he did some explorative work with it.)

Are you a React Native or Flutter developer? It would be super to hear you're input, maybe you could show us a little bit of your work as well :)

This meetup will be hybrid. You can join us in Die Kabine (https://die-kabine.de/) in Königsworther Str. 37 - or online via Zoom. (There is a kiosk across the street for drinks and we usually order pizza together.)

At this meeting, we would also love to discuss your ideas for events next year. Please let us know which talks and activities you would love find here! (If you can't attend, feel free to drop us a message with your ideas.)

This is our last hybrid event this year, in December we will have an offline-only meetup at one of Hanover's beautiful and cozy Christmas markets. Stay tuned!