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Damian is a Flutter Pro and helps companies to set up and optimize their Flutter teams. He will give a best practice talk on Flutter. This talk is for everyone, who wants to bring their Flutter skills to the next level!

Nov 8, 2023, 5:00 – 7:00 PM


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Damian Bast is a Flutter Consultant and Head of Training at WidgestsAcademy in Hamburg. He helps companies set up and optimize their Flutter teams.

After supporting many Flutter projects as a freelancer, doing codebase assessments as a consultant and helping teams large and small make the switch to Flutter, he has spotted & developed a few best practices which he wishes he knew when he was first starting out. Now he is gonna visit us in Hannover and share his best practices and favourite tips.

- Setting up a (new) Flutter Project with a solid foundation

- Why Architecture matters and State Management does not

- Experts never don't do the basics

- A few quick wins

- What to do after you have started your project, how to continue learning

This talk is for you, if you have some Flutter knowledge (doesn't matter how much) and you want to up your game. Damian will give this talk in English. 

Looking forward to learning with you!

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