Little Flutter Game Hackathon

GDG Hannover
Sat, May 16, 2020, 11:00 AM (CEST)

7 RSVP'ed

About this event

Hey girls & guys,

some of you were eager to explore Flutter, so we thought we do a little Hackathon next Saturday.

Aim is to produce a little game about Corona (duh), learn a lot about Flutter on the way, upload the code to Github so anyone can continue to work on it in the future, have some fun with (new) friends and stay inside your house a whole Saturday while other people hang out in the sun and socialise irl.

It's not cool anymore. Our lifestyle won.

- You should have seen some kind of code before, maybe you've even already read up on Flutter a bit or done a tutorial (if you haven't you still got some days left ;) )
- OR you are a graphic designer / want to work on the concept of the game
- Advanced Flutterers are welcome of course, we need some of you to get the state management & Firebase connection working
- Absolute must: If you want to code with us, please install Android Studio or Visual Studio Code, install Dart and Flutter and check if everything is working. This can take 30 minutes or it can take a whole day if you're unlucky. Let's not waste time on that during the Hackathon day :)

Find the Zoom Link attached, the meeting password is:

Github Link:

We've never done an event like this before, and are excited to see how it goes! Looking forward to hanging out and coding with you <3

Lucas, Marvin & Mira