Cloud GDG - Migrating to Reactive Microservices

GDG Hamburg
Tue, Jan 31, 2017, 7:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Hi everyone,

we thought it is about time to kick-off a new series: the Cloud GDG series. And we are happy that Alexander Thiel, CTO of StyleLounge is taking the lead for the first round. Looking forward to see you there!

Topic Summary:

A centralized data base and various services writing to it: What sometimes makes sense quickly becomes a bottle neck with growing traffic and functionality. Almost all scaling problems are caused by shared data access and its synchronization. For years focus has therefore shifted from vertical to horizontal performance. The time it takes a single function to complete is less relevant than the question whether it can be run concurrently. And that - in most applications - directly depends on how data is stored and accessed.

In this talk I describe a simple migration strategy from monolith to reactive micro services. In addition I give references and insights their theoretical background.


Since his childhood and his first steps in programming he's fascinated by coding and its virtually infinite possibilities. He worked in various startups, learning about all their specific scalability and architecture issues. Since 2015 Alexander manages the great engineers of StyleLounge, the soon-to-be biggest fashion price comparison. As a CTO he's responsible for making the application fast, extensible, clean and above all scalable. If he's not discussing software architecture he's searching for talents for his team or digs into new technologies to keep the current stack (node.js, kubernetes, wercker, TypeScript, Babel, react+redux, redis, BigQuery, Elasticsearch) up-to-date.


19.00: Food&Drinks

19.30: Intro - Christopher Denk

19.40: Talk - Alexander Thiel

20.40: Q&A

21.00: The End:)