The Droids meet @, Mühlenkamp 59, Hamburg, 22303

Hello Hamburg Droids, let's come together to learn and exchange about Android development. This time around hosted by

Sep 20, 2023, 4:00 – 8:00 PM


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Hello Hamburg Droids,

let's come together to learn and exchange about Android development. This time around hosted by

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🚀 18:00 - Doors open, come and socialize with fellow Droids

👋🏼 18:30 - Welcome & Announcements

🎙 18:45 - Small Team - Big World of Devices

How to manage the Android Ecosystem in an ever-fragmenting world with minimal resources

If you write an Android App today, you want to reach the maximum number of users, right? You might already have an app for smartphones, tablets, and foldables of all shapes and sizes by simply following the Android design guidelines. But now you also want to support Android TV. Plus Android Auto. Plus Android Automotive. Wait, there’s a difference?

Also, you might want to have Chromecast support. Oh and Android Wear obviously. But that’s only the hardware side. Now you also want to be present in the Amazon Store and the Samsung Store. Also, you’ve heard about Chromebooks and the Windows Subsystem for Android but you’re not sure if anybody uses those, but you’re interested.

The amount of options you have is simply overwhelming. But how much effort is it really, what additional code do you have to write? How many more installs can you expect from different platforms and how much more reach will your app gain from spreading out? Can you even do all this with a small team?

This talk will introduce you to all these setups and more, give concise examples of how to publish them, and show how to strategically save time in the right places. There will be lots of tips, tricks, and useful code snippets along the way that you can reproduce in your project today, so come along and find out!

by Patrick Heuschkel (Android Developer at and

B.Sc. Applied Computer Science at DHBW Stuttgart, M.Sc. Computing, Information Security & Digital Forensics at Open University Milton Keynes. Formerly JEE Backend & Android Development at T-Systems, now working at since 2018 and since 2022. Living in beautiful Hamburg since 2012, usually found riding his motorcycle or playing with his dog, Ellie, who is the Office Dog at

🎙 19:45 - Seamless Multiplatform – Kotlin-Rust-Multiplatform?!

Rust is a fast-rising star in the pantheon of programming languages and comes with some interesting properties in regard to Multiplatform. On the other side, Kotlin promises Multiplatform capabilities with KMP as well. Are both set up to be rivals or could both complement each other? What could Kotlin learn from Rust, and where might Rust borrow from Kotlin? The talk will give you an opinionated introduction to KMP with Rust in terms of tooling, developer experience, and all the things I discovered so far. It will not sell you a ready-to-go product, but rather an idea. Let’s figure out if this is the beginning of a love story and how we can write bugs once and ship them to many platforms!

by Matthias Geisler (Software Engineer at LichtBlick SE)

A true believer in (Kotlin) Multiplatform and working with it for over 3 years now. Currently works for LichtBlick SE, to build solutions on Android. Maintainer and developer of KMock. Co-Organizer of KUG Berlin, Rust Berlin and XTC Berlin.

🤗 20:30 - Socializing

Food and drinks will be provided.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2023
4:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


  • Matthias Friedrich

    MOIA GmbH

    Chapter Lead Android

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