Community Management: Volunteering and What it entails.

Volunteering is an important aspect of Community Management

Apr 13, 9:00 – 10:00 AM


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About this event

Volunteering is an important aspect of Community Management and goes a long way in contributing to the success of every community. A community made up of committed, dedicated and engaged volunteers succeed in achieving its purpose.

Join us as our chapter lead, Benaiah tells us what it means to volunteer and the benefits of being a community volunteer. The session promises to be as engaging and enlightening as possible because he would be sharing with us from his wealth of experience. It is open to all community members, aspiring members and those looking to volunteer in different communities.


  • Benaiah Yusuf

    GDG Organizer

  • Abdulwahab Ashimi



  • Fatima Alhassan

    WTM Ambassador

    WTM Ambassador

  • Najeeb Yusuf


    Core Team

  • Mubarak Shuaib


    Core Team

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