GDG Guadalajara
Wed, Nov 8, 2017, 7:00 PM (CST)

About this event

It's finally that season of the year, the most spooky season where everyone starts feeling the spirits waking up and coming to home. The season of the year that involves skeletons, ghosts and your loved ones that are no more with us.

Well, it's the season of Halloween and Dia de los muertos, and it doesn't matter what you celebrate... WE HAVE ANOTHER MEETUP FROM THE COMMUNITY!

Be sure to attend, becasue we are making great stuff and we want you to be part of it!!!

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Android Frameworks Using Annotation Processing - Kotlin

We'll look at Dagger2, Data Binding and Room Persistence Library (other frameworks can be set up similarly). All these frameworks work through annotation processing: you annotate the code to have the boiler-plate code generated for you. Annotations allow to hide all the verbosity and keep your code simple, and if you need to understand what actually happens at runtime, you can look at the generated code. Note that all these frameworks generate source code in Java, not Kotlin.

Jose Luis Ramos - Android Engineer @ Unosquare

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TBD - Kotlin related

Ademar comes to show us the magic of Kotlin in Android and share his knowledge on this world of mobile development.

Ademar Alves - Android Engineer and Kotlin propagandyst @ Wizeline

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This month event will be supported by the great team of GitKraken, be sure to follow them on twitter and to check their awesome tools!

And finally, don't forget to bring your friends, remember that coding and beer are always funnier with friends!


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