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GDG Guadalajara
Wed, Oct 2, 2019, 7:00 PM (CDT)

About this event

October is here and comes with a new meetup, if you'd thought that we had forgotten this you would be wrong. In this month which has beautiful moon sights we come with two talks.


- TouchID & Biometrics... An Introduction

In this talk Sergio will show us how we can use the biometric systems that come along in our smartphones and how we can take advantages of them, they're there for a reason a we should learn about them.

Sergio Lagunas - Android Dev


- What's gradle anyway?

Have you ever wonder, what are all those files that end with .gradle? Other than put your android dependencies in one of them, what other things it does? Why are several of those files in my project and not just one? What is gralde anyway?

Well if like us you have asked yourself those questions Sier will explain us what the heaven is Gradle, why is it useful and why our Android apps are using it.

Sinuhé Jaime - Kotlin Dev


This meetup will be hosted by StartupGDL to which we are very very pleased to, we hope to see you there to enjoy taking about Android and have some fun among friends.

Remember that you can bring friends, questions and doubts to this meeting. See you there folks and happy coding.


Esfera 2, Piso 4, Salon Fresco,
Amado Nervo 2200,
Jardines del Sol/Colli Urbano,
Zapopan, Jalisco.


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