Web @ DevFest - A Global Meetup for Web Developers - powered by Google Chrome and DevFest 2021

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Wed, Dec 8, 2021, 10:00 AM (EST)

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Come connect with Googlers, developers, and experts in the tech industry from around the world for a two hour exclusive virtual event. With multiple language options available, you can meet other web developers that speak your native tongue. Hear from an expert panel of leads from the Web team at Google, and meet and greet with other developers who are passionate about using web developer tools.

About this event

Join Developers, Googlers and Experts in all things Web & Chrome for a two hour exclusive virtual event.

Web @ DevFest - a Global Meetup for Web Developers - powered by Google Chrome and DevFest 2021, is an exclusive online event designed to bring web enthusiasts closer together. Get ready for an Ask Me Anything panel with questions from the audience, various networking opportunities and bonuses

Top 3 reasons to attend👇

Grow your network & connections 

Enjoy a space for Web Devs to connect with a global community 

Get key insights on what’s top of mind for Web Developers

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Wed, Dec 8, 10AM - 12PM EST | 7AM - 9AM PST | 3PM - 5PM GMT


- Why can't I log into the event?

Once RSVPed for Web @ DevFest, the event platform creates an account profile on the event site. Create an account via the Login page and then accept the terms and conditions to login and join.

- How do I access the networking tables?

You can use the top navigation inside the event to go to the Networking area.

- How can I ask questions during the AMA panel session?

Go to the Chat tab and click Q&A. Type your question, and then send it.

- Which browser is better to use?

We recommend using a Chrome browser on a desktop device.

- Where can I learn more about Web Developer tools?

  • Visit web.dev to find modern web capabilities you can add to your own sites and apps. Explore different learning assets and measure your website’s performance.
  • If you’d like to learn how to build extensions, publish on the Chrome Web Store, or optimize your website, visit Chrome Developers for more information. There you can find a variety of tools and libraries to enhance your knowledge.
  • On the official Google Chrome Developers channel on YouTube you’ll learn all about new web platform features, changes to Chrome and more.

- What is DevFest?

DevFest is the biggest global event for developers, focusing on community-led learning on Google technologies. Hosted by Google Developer Groups (GDG) all across the globe, DevFest events are uniquely curated by their local GDG organizers to fit the needs and interests of the local community.

This year, DevFest 2021 inspires local developers to learn and connect as a community by exploring how to use Google technology to accelerate economic impact.

- What is GDG?

Google Developer Groups (GDG) are community organized local developer meetups to discuss and learn about the various Google Developer Technologies. This is the largest community network of developers. With over 1,000 groups across 140 countries, local developers host meetup events for technologists to connect, teach, share career advice, network, and solve problems as a community. 



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    Komal Sandhu


    Global Program Lead: Google Developer Groups

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