Jetpack Compose

GDG Glasgow
Wed, May 12, 6:00 PM (BST)

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Ready to have fun with Jetpack Compose? We have got you covered.

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18:00 - Welcome/Intro

18:05 - Jet-Set Compose 🚀

18:40 - Clean Architecture with Jetpack Compose

19:15 - Q&A

Jet-Set-Compose 🚀

Session 1: Since the time Android has existed, our workflow for designing a UI has been confined to XML. This has led to other issues and hacks to make UI work as per current times. But that is now about to end. With the introduction of Jetpack Compose, a modern toolkit that is based on the declarative programming model you can simply describe what your UI should look like, and Compose takes care of the

this session, you will understand what exactly is this Jetpack Compose and witness a speed run of developing an app in 30 mins.

Nishant Srivastava - Android Engineer, OpenSource enthusiast

Clean Architecture with Jetpack Compose

Session 2: Jetpack Compose brings about the declarative way of building UI, which means you describe what it should look like and the toolkit will build it for you. But for building efficient & user-friendly mobile apps, it’s still absolutely necessary to incorporate the separation of concerns principle. A clean-architected app not only allows for developer sanity, but also ensures the app is scalable & easily testable.

This talk dives into how some of the common architecture patterns in Android like MVI, MVP or MVVM can be transferred into the compose paradigm. At the end of it, you’ll walk away on how to best abstract logic from the compose UI to build clean testable apps, with a demo app.

Divya Jain - Lead Android Developer, Hi-Road Auto Insurance


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