Google Analytics 2 Days Bootcamp

GDG George Town
Sun, Aug 18, 2019, 9:00 AM (GMT+8)

About this event

Calling all business owners, entrepreneurs, and engineers software developers, this is the Bootcamp that brings out the best of both.

Find out how you can use Google Analytics to view your business online marketing performance and to build a customer profile, personalizing experiences based on data as well as reconnecting with your potential prospects.

Also understand how you can set up custom goals and events, e-commerce tracking, mobile tracking for Android and IOS by using Google Analytics.

Day 1: Google Analytics for Sales & Marketing (GBG)

How to use Google Analytics to improve understanding of:
a) Fundamentals of Digital Analytics
b) Online Marketing Performance
c) Lead Generation Activities
d) Customer’s Interests
e) Customer Experience
f) Building a Customer profile
g) Personalizing Experiences based on Data
h) Reconnecting with Prospects

Day 2: Google Analytics for Software Developers (GDG)

How to use Google Analytics to setup:
a) Custom Goals
b) Custom Events
c) Cross-Domain Tracking
d) Digital Campaign Tracking
e) E-Commerce Tracking
f) Content Experiments
g) Universal ID for Customer Profiling
h) Tagging with Google Tag Manager (GTM)
i) API Integration for data import/export
j) Mobile Tracking for Android
k) Mobile Tracking for iOS