Women Techmakers Chat

GDG Gaborone
Sat, Aug 26, 2017, 10:00 AM (CAT)

About this event

The event is targeted to raise more awareness about problems that women encounter within the technology career path of life in different societies. The event will entail motivational speeches and career guidance talks. The purpose of this event is to get more women and girls interested in technology and developing and also be able to find guidance in their areas of focus. We plan on having one on one chat with our guest speakers after the event to allow all the attendees to ask questions on a personal base. The expected impact is to have more women participating in the development side of technology as well as other areas of technology without the fear of unknown problems that they may encounter on the long run knowing that they are other women in the same industry that persevered through the same situation and made it to the end. The main purpose of this chat is to bridge gender parity and also motivate women to take part in technology related atmospheres. The chat will also allow attendees to exchange ideas as well as create a networking platform for women in the technology field. It is the first Women TechMakers event ever to be hosted with the aim of bringing together women who are technology curious and even those who are interested in technology but are not sure of which direction their first step is to be directed to. This Profession Building Chat is also an opportunity for young ,aspiring women techies to learn more about how technology can be integrated to better ones future as well as have time to interact with influential women, and also acquire knowledge