UI/UX from Scratch

GDG Gabes

UI/UX from Scratch

Mar 4, 12:30 – 1:30 PM

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كلنا بنسمع عن (UI/UX) بس عمرنا ما عرفنا هو بيعمل ايه او هو المجال ده عبارة عن ايه ؟؟🤔📱

ال (UI) User Interface عبارة عن تنظيم وعرض المعلومات بطريقة واضحة وبسيطة 🤳🏻

و (UX) هو ازاي بنتفاعل مع البرنامج وتجربته الكامله ليك كمستخدم 👩🏻‍💻

لو حابب تعرف اكتر عن المجال وتعرف ازاى ممكن تبدأ فيه وكل التفاصيل دي 🫣

هيكون معانا بشمهندس أحمد حسام

So Let's welcome Eng. Ahmed Hossam 🥰 and this is a brief about him:

▫️Ahmed is a seasoned UI/UX professional with over three years of experience. As the Head of UI-UX in 15 GDSC chapters and CTO at Make Your Miracle (MYM), he leads with expertise and innovation.

▫️Ahmed's speaking engagements at events like the Solution Challenge at AUC and Al-Azhar showcase his thought leadership.

▫️ He's trained over 5,000 students, demonstrating a passion for mentorship and community growth. With notable achievements, including a fourth-place finish in Solution Challenge Egypt, Ahmed continues to shape impactful digital experiences globally.


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    GDG Gbaes

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  • Intissar EL AHMER

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