LineageOS: Compile your own Android derivative to your phone

GDG Fresno
Sat, May 13, 2017, 10:00 AM (PDT)

About this event

- Do you have an old phone and you didn't receive updates for a long time now but you'd like to have latest Android versions?
- Maybe you didn't receive too many (or any) updates even from the get-go for your new phone but you want to stay updated?
- Would you like to get rid of phone provider's crap and have a clean OS?
- Are you concerned about security vulnerabilities and you'd prefer to not wait until patches go through both the phone manufacturers and the phone provider's slow pipeline?
- Maybe you bought some shiny phone like Pixel XL but you are thinking what will you do when Google 2 year software update policy runs out for your device

A possible solution is to compile your own Android OS. You don't have to be a computer scientist to do that fortunately. Our presenter from Europe is a living example for that. He'll demonstrate how someone can compile LineageOS to cell phones. LineageOS is a continuation of CyanogenMod. This session will contain live demonstration, Linux command line and more.

Speaker: Attila Toth

Bio: Attila Toth is a medical doctor who has deeper knowledge in open source software technologies than most full-time software engineers. His first Linux experience was with Slackware (1995), then for a long time he was Debian enthusiast also including Adamantix (Trusted Debian -  a hardened/secured version). He is very security savvy which led him to convert to Gentoo in 2003, more specifically Hardened Gentoo (an extremely secured version of Gentoo) from the beginning. Attila is a Grsecurity believer since the early days.

His daytime profession is radiologist at the Semmelweis University's Heart and Vascular Center, specialty: cardiac MR, congenital heart disease. MRI radiology requires good technology skills. One of his interests are pulse programming (programming the MRI machine's running sequence; involves vendor provided proprietary environments, NDA mandatory). Language skills: C, C++, Asm. Commit he is most proud of: making cpuid PIC-aware (Position Independent Code aware) in Intel's cpuid by altering some Assembly code.

Hobbies: flatwater kayaking, running.

We tried to find a good date & time between the timezone differences and scheduling constraints. Hopefully this meetup will be a delicious food for your brain before the actual Saturday lunch.

Liability: flashing your custom ROM onto a phone requires rooting and unlocking. Steps can potentially brick your phone, you can loose data and void your warranty. We are not responsible if such event happens.